How to Treat Rosacea: Rosacea Symptoms and Causes

Woman with pre rosacea stage | How to treat rosaceaBefore we get into How to Treat Rosacea I should first of all tell you what it is. It almost always affects the face and has various stages it goes through. When you first start to develop this skin disorder you may find that your face is flushing much more easily than it used to and this is called “Pre-Rosacea”. You shouldn’t ignore this as it will get worse if left untreated.

Rosacea symptoms and Rosacea CausesThe next stage is called “Vascular Rosacea”, when this stage starts you will notice you have small blood vessels appear on your nose or cheeks. This happens because the vessels have expanded too quickly and can become visible to the naked eye. You may also notice that your skin becomes more sensitive than usual and it can also carry other symptoms such as oily skin or dandruff.

Inflammatory rosacea | Natural Rosacea TreatmentFinally there is a stage called “Inflammatory Rosacea”, if it gets this far you will most definitely need to know how to treat Rosacea. When this happens you will develop small bumps on your nose and other parts of your face. In some extreme cases your nose will start to develop something called rhinophyma. This occurs mostly in men that are of the older generation and whilst all other aspects of this skin disorder can leave someone feeling embarrassed about the way they look, this stage can really cause people problems.

Your nose will develop red lumps that can become sore to touch and can sting. If you have a really serious case of this, your nose can look quite deformed and may need some specialist attention to have it fixed.

The Main Symptoms of Rosacea

Below I have listed the symptoms you should look out for and if you have any or all of these you should look into natural rosacea treatment:

  • Flushing more often in the face than you did before.
  • Small blood vessels appearing on your cheeks and nose.
  • Red spots or bulbous type lumps which form on the face and nose.
  • Stinging sensation or soreness.
  • In some cases you can get soreness in the eyes and if you don’t look into how to treat Rosacea you may find your eyelids will become inflamed and you’ll develop conjunctivitis.

The Causes of Rosacea

It’s not actually known why Rosacea occurs but many medical professionals believe it’s hereditary as studies have shown that people who are looking into rosacea treatment more than likely have a relative that suffered in the same way.

Some of the main causes of this disorder which will mean you will need to know How to Treat Rosacea are as follows:

  • Too much exposure to the sun.
  • Suffering from stress.
  • Exercise.
  • Being exposed to harsh weather conditions such as the wind or extreme heat.
  • Caffeine and alcohol.
  • The Menopause.
  • Certain foods which are spicy.
  • Hot drinks.
  • Some medications cause Rosacea.

Its more common for people in their 30’s to develop this however; studies have shown that people of just about any age can develop it. It’s a very embarrassing problem and can make life difficult when it comes to socializing or going to work. However this article is essentially here to tell you how to treat Rosacea and what methods may suit you best. People who have fair skin are more likely to want to know how to treat rosacea because they are the most afflicted. If you live in a cold climate or have Scottish, Irish or Nordic blood in your family line you are most at risk. For more information on Rosacea Symptoms and Rosacea Causes please watch this video:YouTube Preview Image

How to Treat Rosacea The Medical Route

You should first of all know there is no cure for this and the reason for that is the medical profession has yet to find out what exactly causes it. However do not despair. There are plenty of Rosacea Treatments that can help to keep the symptoms under control. Live Rosacea Free

As this disease can flare up and settle down there are a number of ways your doctor will teach you how to treat rosacea, he may prescribe certain drugs that can be taken orally and will help with inflammation and soreness. If your Rosacea is mild or has been diagnosed early enough you may be offered certain drugs to help keep it under control. Below are some of the most commonly used drugs.

How to treat Rosacea - Woman applying metronidazole creamMetronidazole – This comes in the form of a gel or cream and should be applied one or two times throughout the day. This is one way on how to treat Rosacea for those of you that are having trouble with spots or red lumps on your skin. Usually there are no side-effects but some people can react to it. Your course will have to last for a few months before you see results. You should also be very careful to avoid getting this drug in your mouth or eyes.

Azelaic Acid – If you have already looked into rosacea medial treatment and have not seen results with Metronidazole you may be offered this drug instead. It works in a slightly different way in that it will help to unblock your pores. It does also come with side-effects such as skin irritation, burning sensations and dry skin. As with the drug mentioned above it will take some time for you to see results.

Antibiotics – If you have a moderate form of rosacea or are experiencing a flare up and want to know how to get rid of rosacea your doctor may prescribe antibiotics that will help to reduce redness and inflammation. Usually a course will be prescribed for 6 to 12 weeks.

Pulsed light rosacea treatment | How to treat Rosacea the Medical RoutePulsed Light Treatment or IPL – If you have blood vessels that are visible and want to know about Rosacea treatment you may wish to take this route. However, do bear in mind that you might have to pay for the treatment yourself and this can be costly. The reason for this is that you will not be able to have everything treated in one session; usually you will need to see your dermatologist between 2 and 6 times depending on how severe the problem is. What will happen if you take this route of how to treat Rosacea is a tiny beam of is aimed at the blood vessels. The heat from the light will damage the blood vessels that have become enlarged and will cause them to shrink and disappear. It is also known that this treatment can change the matrix of your skin thus giving better support. This means your blood vessels should not do the same thing again. But, once again, this is the most expensive way to How to Treat Rosacea.

How to Treat Rosacea Naturally

Supplements and How to treat Rosacea naturally | Natural rosacea treatmentMany people are shy of doctors and are scared about taking drugs or undergoing things like laser surgery. In this section of this article I will aim to tell you How To Treat Rosacea naturally. When looking at natural rosacea treatment, there are things you can do to help yourself. It’s a little known fact that people and their diets are linked to this skin disorder and if you have high levels of acid in your stomach, this can exacerbate the problem.

Instead when looking at how to treat Rosacea naturally make sure you keep your diet as raw as possible and eat foods that are low in acid. Having a diet high in fiber will make sure you get the nutrients your body needs, and this will help with the condition of your skin.

There are many herbal supplements you can take when looking at natural rosacea treatment, try talking to staff at your health food store and see what they can do to help you. There is something called “Enzymes” that can be taken as a supplement and these will help keep your digestive system in good working order whilst you’re trying to work how to treat Rosacea naturally.

Milk thistle as a natural rosacea remedyMilk thistle is known to be very effective has it helps with the function of the liver and in turn detoxifies the body which all helps with the condition of your skin. Similarly green tea is another method of how to treat Rosacea as it contains antioxidants that cleanse your body from the inside.

Other herbal supplements such as Reishi, Gentian root and burdock root have all been reported to help with keeping your body’s overall internal system working well and these are just another way on natural rosacea treatment. You should also make sure you eat foods that are high in essential fatty acids. This might sound like a bit of a contradiction when you want to find out how to treat rosacea but they are a great way to keep your skin hydrated. Try using coconut or fish oil. For more information on how to treat rosacea naturally please watch this very informative video: YouTube Preview Image

How to Treat Rosacea and Say Goodbye to it forever!

Live rosacea freeAt the beginning of this article I told you I would let you know How to Treat Rosacea and that there was no cure. This is what the medical industry tells you and get this…it’s not true! The reason why doctors and the people who work in medical science want you to think there is no cure and bombard you with ways on rosacea treatment is because if you didn’t take their drugs, they wouldn’t make any money.

Very recently a man by the name of Robert Campbell has produced an e-book called Banish Rosacea. The revelations in this book are truly startling and I commend him on sharing his discoveries with everyone. How to treat rosacea? Get this book! What Robert discovered is that every person that suffers with this affliction not only goes through many levels of depression (as he did), spend an inordinate amount of money and time finding out how to get rid of Rosacea but they also get to a point where looking in the mirror is something they hate to do.

His book will show you how to fight rosacea and never look back. You see, every person that suffers with this has something in common. Your body doesn’t produce enough of a critical amino-acid. When you start to produce enough of this amino-acid it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory which is something that helps with all of the symptoms of Rosacea.

I personally think this is one the best ways to get rid of Rosacea and you will see results in a matter of days. Imagine being able to get your life back? Think about all those sleepless nights you’ve had because you’re worried about how your face is going to look in the mornings?

Robert will not ask you to buy expensive creams, tell you to see your doctor to find out about rosacea treatment or suggest you go through painful and expensive surgery. All he will do is show you how to treat Rosacea. OK, so you have to buy his book but he is so confident it will work he offers a full money back guarantee, no quibbles!

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For more information please watch this video:YouTube Preview Image